Author Topic: Help! Need a MIL/FMIL perspective  (Read 2166 times)

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Re: Help! Need a MIL/FMIL perspective
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2017, 06:59:40 AM »
Our posts based on our experiences, there are no professionals here, as you know. We listen, ask and share and it's a take what you want and leave the rest environment. There is the opportunity to be heard and sometimes to get a different slant or two without anyone being put on the defensive. Often the next step is to move on to counseling.

We can't know the 'whys' of your FMIL's attitudes or of yours. Personalities prevail...expectations...hopes and dreams...fears. Some are felt and some may be too deep to even be aware of.

My guess is that you have enough feedback to be able to take a time out to digest it. A suggestion has been made that you read the posts in our archives from 'Pen'. You might want to give that a try. They go back over the last eight years. The dynamics are similar but she writes from a MIL's perspective.

In support of a 'time out', I am going to close this thread. It feels complete to me. Please stay with us. Hugs...

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