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Storm in PNW

Started by Pen, October 15, 2016, 11:51:27 pm

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Hey Luise, thinking of you. Hope all is well with you and yours. On the news it looks pretty wild where you are. Stay safe!
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Thanks, P. We battened down the hatches here but it was just a storm. Where it ended up hitting hard was on the Pacific Coast. We are on the coast of Puget Sound...which is salt water...but inland. I'm on Elger Bay which is salt water off of Puget Sound but further inland. We're kind of tucked in behind Camamo Island which is tucked in behind Whidbey Island. Lots of buffer when weather blows in from the Pacific...not so good when in comes down from Alaska. The greatest danger, because our evergreens are so thick and over 100 ft. tall, is a flying branch if you are walking (they're huge) or a falling tree if you're driving. This morning all is peaceful...like the weather was saying, 'Awe, I was just kidding.'
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