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Sometimes I have a little smile when around the young because........

Started by Jeannine, December 06, 2015, 08:51:09 pm

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   Sometimes I have a little smile when I am around the young,, and I am not sure exactly where  defining the young in this context would be accurate.

If you are my age  or thereabouts  (in my 70s) we all know  the very sweet younger person who smiles when we reminisce. After all we are wrinklies..what do we know. Then I think of the things I have done in my life.

Apart from the basics of marriage and kids I have..

Been on the stage  professionally as a youngster.

Was a competitive long distance swimmer

Raced a motor bike .

Had two different professional careers

Owned my own porcelain/ceramics business.

Bred, exhibited and judged dogs.

Been a  serious dedicated seed saver all my life

Raised my own livestock.

Long time volunteer for many charities and causes, far too many to list,,but since I was a teenager.

I sew, knit, quilt, etc etc etc 

I even wrote pulp fiction love stories for many years.. not much of an achievement but it  paid enough in the lean years to put me though nursing school

And my last venture which was just three years ago before my body started to be  too difficult, I did white water rafting..just one full  long day only but  it was exhilarating even though I had to be lifted into the raft

I could go on and on but  I would be willing to make a guess that everyone on here could claim many similar stories in their earlier years..and probably much more interesting than mine

So why do the young smile sweetly  with just a touch of patronisation when Grandma offers an opinion .After all I wasn't always, wrinkly and creaky LOL

Come on girls ...fess up..lets have a bit of fun... what did you all do when you were "young"

XX Jeannine


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