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Introducing Myself

Started by HopefulWish, July 08, 2014, 02:25:00 pm

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I found this forum while looking up resources for coping with the various things that I have going on in my life. I am 43, female, and live in Texas however I was born in the state of Louisiana. I am legally blind and I have albinism. I enjoy cooking, home d├ęcor, DIY, gardening, genetics, genealogy and basically anything that that involves creativity and excludes drama. I am also a Network Engineer. I married to a real, live Teddy Bear if a husband who supports me through everything. The thought of joining this forum seemed fitting because as women, we encounter many situations and dilemmas through the different stages of life in which women uniquely identify with. I am definitely dealing with my own set of difficulties and I find it refreshing to get some insight from other wise women. Maybe there is a tiny part of me that needs to vent a little, and to reflect upon my own situation. But here I am with my stuff - some of them are big and heartbreaking such as the broken relationship with my adult children, and some of them I find comical like the shenanigans of the characters at my job. I have made my fair share of mistakes, so I definitely have some hindsight and retrospect to share along the journey to finding my own answers. Above all, peace and happiness are a choice that I make in spite of the hurt. I'm looking forward to connecting with you Wise Women!