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Alaska Cruise! Luise,up for a visit in near u in WA?i

Started by Footloose, August 07, 2013, 09:56:41 am

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DH and are are off to another adventure very soon. 7 days on Holland America's Oosterdam from Seatle through Victoria,BC and back again.  The following week,we will be day trippin, via rental car and and other iphone deals to tour the PacificRim.

Luise, I'd love to take time to meet you if you want?  Maybe we can have u out for a meal or something else of your choosing?

Please message me and we can go from there?

Can't wait cuz DH is my bestie travel and life companion!


I have taken the trip twice and just loved it, FL. I live 100 miles from Seattle and don't drive but will be thinking of you! 8)
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