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Started by Gail, May 15, 2013, 12:40:40 pm

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    I apologize for the religious statements.....  I didn't post any of that on purpose.   As far as given names I am not understanding what you meant Luise?  Can you help me...

   Also, I feel belittle by the fact that my feelings are affected by the uncaring attitude surrounding my son's wedding from my son, my dil and her mother.  As I have read through here I also see how others have feelings as well....   

  As far as the comment about how my son and dil are still making time to come by....  well, they are not taking into consideration what is good for us, we have to take what they are willing to give.    Why?     I am wondering why if I understand correctly why you are saying that I should be happy with that?    I don't feel like you read any of the things I actually said......      They make their plans and they make their plans around whom they want (that is fine) but they don't show and respect of care for what we would like and I think you are saying that it is o.k.

     I have severe neurological damage...   I really hope you will not ask me to write my story all over again,  this is very hard for me.....     As far as problems go.....   my husband does see attitude, but doesn't want to deal with it!   With our older son and dil, they don't want to make an effort to skype, they are too busy.....     

  When you say it seems like my whole post is about my feelings....   I feel like you are saying that I should not even ask to see my grandson....   how else am I suppose to share this with anyone.   It has been a huge struggle to get anything... and how about the attitude where my dil when she was living at our house with my son and she didn't want to help with anything.  Was that about my feelings too.  What exactly did I say wrong???


Neither one of us needs to explain ourselves. You have been heard and had a response that I hope is helpful.
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama