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Baby Shower and problem guest

Started by adlara13, May 15, 2013, 03:51:27 am

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Quoteher behavior  and values have demonstrated to me that she is judgemental, opinionated and close-minded, all of which I am not and wish to not instill in my future grandson

adlara13 - I really believe the above statement is out of our hands.  The old science of "nature vs nurture" - I am beginning to believe that nature not only prevails, but prevails "big time".  And besides, research has proven that children tend to bond and and are more influenced by the same sex parent which would be your son.  I doubt his grandmother (her or you) will have much effect on his personality.  Not saying that we are not important parts of our grandchildren's lives; just that we do not have the "power" that was part of being a parent.

And this can be a huge relief.  We get to deal with the joys of being with our grandchildren without having the pressures and stresses of raising these precious children.  Unconditional love - that a grandparent's love.  Wishing you the best ....


adlara13, welcome to WWU. I agree with the others, it's your baby shower, so you and your DD choose the guests. MIL can host her own shower. Plain speaking seems to be needed with her. People like her seem to look on tact as weakness.
What the other relative did at your daughter's wedding was absolutely appalling. I do hope with time the happy memories will predominate and the unpleasant ones recede.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the baby shower. Personally, I would completely ignore any unpleasantness from your ex's family and do my own thing.