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WWU Members' Perpetual Fantasy Cruise Begun Mother's Day 2013

Started by luise.volta, April 13, 2013, 08:16:12 pm

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OK, so lets start signing up and offering our ideas here for our first Annual WWU Fantasy Mother's Day Cruise!  I'm in! Sending love...
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What a wonderful time I have had trying to set up my perfect imaginary cruise!!  Should I go to the Bahamas? Sailing? Visit the pyramids in South America?  Scuba dive? Australia?  And then I decided that since it is imaginary I could do them all!!  I think my imaginary boat will even take me to the Grand Canyon!!  When do we start???
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 :D So far , I think this one is slated for over Mother's Day weekend. We can leave port anything before that and stay out as long as we wish, of course. It's our choice. I see us sitting in the forward lounge that I remember on the small ship cruise I took to Alaska, twice...enjoying the view and conversation and perhaps snacks and beverages.  :D
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Oh, yes - definitely snacks and beverages, lol!  And live music!  Actually, my dream vacation is days of crocheting and needlework, interspersed with hikes and sight-seeing, so a cruise would be perfect!
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Keys Girl

If you are looking for me on the cruise, I will be in the spa.  Massages and gentle music and a massage therapist who looks like George Clooney. 
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 :D I've got a room with a private deck and I see myself sitting out there with my Kindle sometimes. I see us all together at dinner at a big, round table sharing what we've been up to during the day and basking in each others magnificence!  :D
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


I  see us at a spa on the ship ..Drinking green tea,and munching on  chocolate covered strawberries.We are enjoying a full body massage ,each with our own masseuse.Into the pool we go.So relaxing and energizing.Afterwards we put on a classy outfit for dinner with the captain of course.

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:D Oh, boy!This is getting better and better! Yup, all of us just got an open-ended gift certificate for the on-board Gift Shoppe! :D :D
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And since we are all dressed up for dinner, let's have a lot of nice looking gentlemen who can dance with us - 2 bands, one playing big band music so we can ballroom dance and another playing all that great dance music from the 60's and 70's.


 :D Perfect! We are sure putting together one heckofa Cruise! (Dibs on the cute one with the salt and pepper hair and the dimple!)
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Beth 2011

I'm in Ladies!    8)  Let's rock and roll!  Cruisin..... on a Sunday afternoon..... on the open water.... ;)   


I want the one with the dreamy eyes and great smile - and tall to boot.


I want a cabana boy to follow me around and cater to all my wishes.  Also, a suite, I'll even share with someone else, but I've never been in a suite.


You can keep Salt and Pepper, Dreamy Eyes, and the Cabana boys..    I'LL be at the buffet!!   Of course everything on it has ZERO Calories and  is Cholesterol free...   Hey.. If this is a fantasy, it can be anyway we want it... Right? 


Yup, no calories or tummy upsets. I'm having ice cream for breakfast...room service...still in jammies!  :-*
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama