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Enough is Enough!!!!

Started by LadyStar, April 01, 2013, 11:25:16 am

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LS - Just a thought: Where I live (retirement center), we had a safe in our little Thrift Store and someone broke in and took the whole thing. You may want to get a Safe Deposit Box in a bank to keep that from happening. Situations can happen like a vacation or a night in the hospital ER when you aren't home. Sending love...
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Your son is an adult now and in the long run it's going to be better for him to know that he can't depend on you to take care of him and his family.  It's a tough thing to do, but it really will be better for him and his family too.  I was concerned about my son's failure to launch for awhlle too and he is much happier now that he isn't depending on us.  It's too bad they treated you so badly, but now you can take care of you and they can take care of them.  It's no longer your job.


That's good thinkin' 99! (Luise) hehehe...  If it were me, I would use a bank also. xo

Keys Girl

I'd go with a bank too, you would have more privacy there when putting things in our out.

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Goodness, much good advice here. I really liked  the list Keys wrote!

It's funny, how actually we do know how to react,...but we often don't. It's like we are stuck in bad situations. I wonder why that is?

I think our inner strengths have to be shaken up and found again. You have to learn, LadyStar, to push those shoulders back, lift your chin, and be above it all. Don't allow them to pull you down to their level. No one has a right to do that.

Here is a quote I once saved:
QuoteIs life an obstacle course? Sometimes it may feel like it. If you join the military you will be sent around an obstacle course of increasing degrees of difficulty. Why? To increase your strength and stamina and expand your creative capacity under strain. So it is on the course called 'life' - you can choose to perceive people, situations or events as obstacles, or you can choose to use these things to strengthen and expand your capacity to be creative and to find ways round, under, over. The choice lies in your perception. Obstacles are never ever 'out there', they are always in our own minds.
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Well Safe is on the way but interesting my identity has been stolen.  I found it by accident or rather a blessing.  April 1st someone who knew my password into the PayPal account (and I don't ever share that and my computer is behind a firewall) some how got into to and ordered a 900 phone.  They changed the address to send shipment to my name, my home address, and then added their address, city and state.  The company they ordered from did not like the address and could not verify it so they cancelled the order.

I caught it in time, closed out accounts, etc.  But what a mess, now I will need to address SS# etc.   Believe me lesson learned about trusting anyone, and that includes family.  Paper work will now be locked up going forward.  Computers I keep a tight control on.

It seems a bit odd to me, all of a sudden, and yes I am probably jumping to conclusions.   Police are investigating.

On a happier note, holding to my guns, S advised that I am going to sell house so they need to get ready to move out.   DIL still not speaking and GC are not coming up, which have it your way.   Karma does visit people.


FreeSpirit, I think it's because we let our emotions overrule our logic, many, many times.  I always know what I should do or say, but in the heat of the moment....sometimes that goes to grass. :)
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Amen Pooh, couldn't have said it better. Oh yes,  ... "The heat of the moment"...grrrrr....That's when I sometimes need an ice bucket of water thrown over me. Hahaha... Naw, I have  become quieter...I think because I'm older, and it's just too strenuous to get all riled up.  8)
The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.
            -- Michel de Montaigne