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Getting Rid of Stuff

Started by Doe, September 30, 2012, 10:18:53 am

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We are in the process of cleaning out our house.  We're getting new insulation in the attic this week so we just tackled all the old Christmas stuff, along with lots of other things.   It's such a therapeutic action for me - even just labeling' keep', 'throw away' and 'make up your mind right now' is a great exercise for me.  I feel like I'm bringing my home into the present.

I highly recommend it!


Good for you, Doe.  It feels so good to just clean stuff out. I really try to be a minimalist, and I try to not have "nests" of things--you know those drawers with things that multiply like the extra bulbs for twinkle lights, rubber bands, keys that are not labeled.  The carpenters are coming to do a kitchen update on Tuesday, so I have to have everything out of there.  So I'm in the same kind of mood...git rid of it!! 
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Great - D! I love to do that! I think it's one reason I have moved so often. Starting out fresh in a totally clean space and with everything in its place and a place for everything is do uplifting! :-) Senging love...
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Good idea, Doe.  A house clean always makes me feel better.  I can't stand stuff piling up that I don't use.
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I'm getting ready to tackle the same thing.  Time to clean out and purge!
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I'm looking at my two-drawer file cabinet beside my desk. My printer is on top of it and a teddy bear is on top of that. (Can't get too serious in a work space.) Every time I supposedly do a total purge, which isn't all that often, I leave it to last and then run out of gas. OK, purging my files is my first task! Boy, thinking about it is so exhausting, that's all I can handle today! Whew... :P
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama