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Started by FAFE, June 11, 2012, 04:59:06 pm

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I flew up to Chicago and picked my GS up and flew back to Atlanta with him.  He will be staying until Sunday and we will drive him back home on Monday.  On Thursday this week I will have him and my GD all day long!  Could not ask for anything any better. 


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Beth 2011

Have a fun week! :)  Happy for you. ;D


Sounds like fun - I love road trips!

lancaster lady

Makes your heart sing , doesn't it ? Enjoy !


Enjoy your visit FAFE!!! 


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My name is Carolyn and I'm Footloose in WWU:)  We have 2 homes for now.  One in Snellville and the other in Lawrenceville.  i'd love to meet you some time:)  my email is listed on my profile:)


Footlose/Carolyn, I'd love to meet you too.  We are leaving Sunday to drive GS home (IL) and then on to North and South Dakota.  They are the only 2 states DH and I haven't been to.  We will be gone 7- 9 days, but we will see what we can do after that.

OK, GD got to my house at 6:30 AM and was happy to see us.  Her GD had to go into Atlanta to work for half a day (consut with his old company) - he told her goodby and it was just the two of us for about an hour.  GS came downstairs and GD was AMAZED that a Boy was at Fafe's.  It took her a few minutes to warm up to him and then it was full steam ahead!  Around 10 AM we got into the car (the car seat is a struggle for me) and off we went.  Got to DH's job and was waiting for him and she discovered the airplanes leaving the airport - she was in heaven but could not figure out where they went.  She would turn around and hold her hands out like - what the hay?  Where did they go?  Then off to visit a dear friend who "adopted" me when her only child was killed in an accident along with 3 of her friends.  First time she had seen both GC together.  Went to her house, got GD in the car sear with the promise of seeing a dog.  She was all happy about that.  Then was scared as all the dogs were jumping around, etc.  Did get to pet Kandi who is nearly blind and death, but did not mind her getting petted. 

GS was so attentive to GD - he's 9 to her 20 months.  Then back in the car seat with "eat eat" as an incentived.  After that back to our house where we had to leave both the children with my sister - had to deal with MIL and Assisted Living issues.  They had a ball while we were gone.  She was like a little puppy making her mark all over the yard!

They had been playing with water ballongs and she had been throwing them and watching them burst and loving it.  Next one she tried biting into and the water got all over her.  Should have seen her running to her GD!!!  She would not touch another one.  When her mama came to get her she was worn out, but did not want to go home.  Not even the promise of Daddy, but she finally relented about seeing a dog.  It was great seeing both of the GC enjoying each other.

DD took GS to World of Coca Cola on Wednesday and GS and DH was suckered into playing Bunco with my group Wed night.  They won $8.00 so all was well, even though there were 11 old wimmen there.  They are off fishing tonight and tomorrow I take him to buy FD gifts for his dad, GD and uncle.  Then pizza for all of us then Sunday morning leaving.

P.S.  Please pray for my DH as two of my sister's are going with us on the trip.  And, I'm sorry this is so long!!!!


No reason to worry about a long post...we have lots of virtual paper and ink!  :D
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama