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Territorial DIL

Started by Monroe, June 23, 2012, 03:15:37 pm

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Today's Dear Abby column made me feel like the man with no shoes who complains until he sees the man with no feet.   

Today's column had a letter from a future bride who resented her future MIL's request for copies of some snapshots from the young woman's picture album.  Rather than being flattered that the future MIL WANTED pictures of the young woman, this future DIL said she didn't understand why the FMIL didn't just take her own pictures of the happy couple. 

The Dear Abby response was to the effect that the FMIL obviously had warm feelings for the FDIL, or would not have asked for pics.  Dear Abby advised the young woman to "become less territorial". 

Good for Dear Abby!!!

Anyway, I have never been so intrusive as to ask for pictures (except for the wedding pictures) - and I don't think my DIL would object if I DID ask for pics.   So there is a young woman out there who is MORE territorial than my DIL!!!

Hey, I may not have any shoes, but at least I have feet!  :) ;) ;D ;D ;)


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