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I did babysit

Started by bettylou, April 27, 2010, 07:00:06 am

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I did babysit.  I was worried they would change their minds at the last minute but they did not.  I was actually shocked they followed through.  Even when they brought gs over I thought they would back out.  But they did not.  It was a great time!  He has gotten so much bigger and he is just to smart and advanced.  We played outside and made cookies for his mom and dad, he put on all the frosting and sprinkles and then we made a sticker book all about cars and his mom was actually happy and said it would be good for him to do in her car while she is driving!  DIL was pretty nice, she brought back some wine for me that I like and some fudge for my husband, I know my son had nothing to do with it he never does things like that.  She told me thank you and asked if I had any plans for mother's day.  She was a bit rude with my daughter, but nothing terrible.  She was nice to be with and so was my son and gs ofcourse.  He slept in the guest room and was prefectly behaved.  He told us he loves us and we took lots of pictures of him with the golf set we gave to him.  Daughter enjoyed helping him do things and he loved being with her so much.  I am hoping things are changing for us.  It is looking up this time!


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Betty, I'm so happy for you and your family! This is great news, and brings many of us hope. Yay!
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I'm so happy for you all. Sounds like things are on the right track. Fantastic news.


That is awesome news!!!!


Oh what a relief....yanno, and I hate, hate to admit this...however, when things were not good between my DIL and myself...I used to think all kinds of things...and worry about all kinds of things, that just were not true....but I had myself convinced that they were...b/c we never discussed things and I believed she was really hating me big time...for instance, you worry they change they're minds at the last minute...stuff like that...honey, it sounds to me, as if DIL is growing up a bit...and realizing the importance of you being in they're lives...and I hope someday soon, you'll both sit down and discuss this, and come to find out, that you both misinterpreted some actions that were not meant to hurt each other...believe me, when you fear or don't like someone, or think they don't like you, those vibes are felt by them....

Big hugs and prayers for a much brighter & more productive future together.


Betty Lou,
That's great news!  I'm so happy for you!  Since it went so well, maybe there will be more opportunities coming your way soon.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Hugs, Hope