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Rose Has A New Granddaughter - HUGS & KISSES TO ROSE!

Started by Ruth, May 07, 2012, 12:23:51 pm

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Rose, thinking of you and hoping these days will be long term memories of joy and beauty that will wrap a warm pink cocoon around your heart. 



There was a poem here that I had to delete because of the need to respect copywrite law...(see "Open Me First.")

If you have a link for it...please post it for us.
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Congrats Rose.


Rose, many hugs and good wishes for you & yours. Congratulations!
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Thanks so much ladies!  Dh took the day off so we spent more time with her today.  Being our first gd, we're naturally head over heels over her.  They're keeping dd an extra night at the hospital, so we also got the opportunity to spend the afternoon with gss', ages 2 & 5.  It served a reminder as to why couples have children in their younger years.  We returned home completely exhausted, but without a doubt, we had the time of our lives!   :D



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Best wishes to you Rose and all your family .... :)


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, one & all!   ;)