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Re: My Son wont let me see my new born 1st grandchild - New Member 3

Started by runningamma, April 05, 2012, 01:05:40 PM

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Thanks for the chance to see that other MILs struggle with the same issues I do.  I want to be a Christian about the situation, but I tell you what, this is the biggest struggle I have ever faced in my life.  Lord help me. 


Welcome runningamma :)

Please read the topics in the category Open Me First.  It'll give you a feel for WWU and how we came about.  Nothing wrong with your post, we ask all new members to do so.

I moved your post into it's own topic so our posters can see we have a new member and make it easier to greet you.  We're here when you want to talk some more about your situation, no rush.

Glad you found us.
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Welcome runninggamma.  Keep reading and you will find you are so not alone.
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