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Right for visitation?

Started by Trondogs, March 20, 2012, 07:16:03 pm

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Pam- I hope it doesn't get worse than this- what else is left that she can do? I hope she doesn't go off the deep end...


Hi Ladies,  I have a happy update finally. It went good in family court for us on Monday. MIL made a fool of herself everyone (including her attorney) was saying she was loony and he even told my attorney that he called her the night before the hearing to tell her she is not going to win her case so she probably should withdraw. Well shocker- she didn't. It was pathetic. She started talking about DH doing drugs 8 years ago (before I even met him) and how we had roaches in our 1st apartment 6 yrs ago. She was crying and preaching about god to the judge. The judge said you are a grandparent not a parent and you don't have automatic rights unless you can prove you acted as a parent. She said we lived with her when DS was 2-8 weeks old and she fed him at night and that she had a 3 year subscription to parenting magazine and the judge was like OK so your a grandparent getting parent magazines- to me that's odd but OK- no parent like relationship so the only way you can see this kid is if your son lets you- and he asked DH and DH said no an she yelled out lets go to therapy- and DH said we tried that and it didn't work and the therapist suggested MIL do inpatient treatment because she was out of touch with reality but shocker again MIL drops out of therapy. So then she asked the judge to do a court order for counseling and revisit this case in 6 months and DH said no and our attorney said no and the judge said he doesn't have jurisdiction to order mom and son therapy. So she's hysterical and all. Everything was talked about- how she left the kids alone in the car while she went shopping etc. When it was over the marshall had to follow us out to the car because she brought 6 people with her and they were waiting for us outside. So in a nut shell she gets no visitation. She even tried for supervised visits and DH said "I don't even want her in my life. I don't want her in my kids lives and I have that right as a person and a parent," and the judge said you re correct and dismissed the case. Her attorney did not say ONE word the entire time. Not one word. My stress is almost entirely gone now that this is over. My hate is gone, my resentment is gone and I almost feel pity for her...almost.


What a relief to have that over for you. Hope things only go up from here.


Trondogs, that's excellent news, so happy for you! Ridiculous that it should have gotten to that point and that you had to go through all the stress of a big court scene, but obviously everyone saw through her shenanigans and did the right thing. Yay!
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Maybe if she had a subscription to Mothering Magazine it would have gone her way??  ::) ::) ::) ::)

Glad to hear that the nightmare is over, Trondogs!


Good news!  I'm glad it's finally over for you. 
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I'm so happy that you have this behind you now! Can you guys get a restraining order perhaps given the odd behavior she showed in court? Not to mention the six??? people she had with her waiting for you outside!


Thanks guys. We filed for an r.o. but it was denied, even with over a year or harassing behaviors. Our attorney told us r.o.'s for physical danger. BUT he is working on some other things that we are going to be doing legally in the next few months.


Sorry to hear about the r.o. Hope the other stuff works out. May the next few months be quick!

Respect ... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.
-- Annie Gottlieb


Thanks Pen. The police in my town have been notified by my attorney in case more attempts at contact occur or any trespassing