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My husband and I are fighting

Started by Liz, March 14, 2012, 03:16:08 am

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Liz, most kids I know get at a certain age where they would prefer to hang with friends rather than family, no matter how great the relationship is.  It's totally normal and I think even healthy for this to happen now at their ages, seems really appropriate.
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I am sorry u were treated tht way. It took awhile for mu husband to realize tht his family cannot treat me tht way also. Its tough and we had many fights over it but he finally understood where I was coming from and decided tht if mil and others can not hve anythng nice to say to me then he does not want anythng to do w them either. Sad when grandkids involved but u husband and kids are a team. And should all b treated w respect. By disrespecting u they disrespected son and grandkids also. Some in laws r just impossible and its good to weed out the toxic people in your lives since u probably hve a lot more positive peopleto be around.