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AdSense on WWU

Started by luise.volta, January 11, 2012, 11:00:00 am

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We are all starting to get used to seeing ads on WWU. It's something that just has to go with free Websites because they are very expensive for their owners to maintain. Kirk and I elected to wait almost three years before adding it to WWU to see if we could make it without financial support. It just can't be done (unless Bill Gates becomes interested in us.)

Some of you may find something interesting there...(that's how I originally found Curves.) Some of you may be offended by the links offered...if so, just don't go there. A few of you may not stay and that, of course is your choice. I have had it on my counseling Website, www.MomResponds.com , for over five years and am more used to it than you may be. If you are so inclined, give it a while. We hope most of you decide to stay. Sending love...
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Also, I just wanted to add a tip, if you're seeing offensive ads -- go and clear your internet browsing history.  There may be something in there that is triggering those kinds of ads to show on your page.
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Me, not stay because of ads? I might as well give up TV as well  :P
This place is the best and I dont care about ads or not  8)


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


I feel like a real dummy 'cos I didn't even notice them until Luise posted that they were here. D-uh!
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Lol...me neither Pen.  And now that I having been looking on purpose to see what kind of ads are up there....I've been giggling.  Most of mine are for criminal justice, bail bonds, drug stuff, nursing school, etc.  It's because like Pam said, my history and cookies are full of key words that are triggering those due to my profession.  I could go clear my history, but as soon as I look up something for work, I'm sure it's going to trigger them again.

I really don't even notice them.  I guess I am used to them on everything, my facebook, my google email and just about any website I go to now.  I always make decisions based on the pros and cons.  I love this website and everybody here and the pros are a gazillion to one con, so I'm not going anywhere.
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Another one who didn't even notice until I saw this thread.  Mine are all ads for what seem to be internet schools.