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Was this good advice?

Started by FAFE, January 02, 2012, 08:33:25 am

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DD & SIL have a dd who is 15 months old.  SIL's DB & SIL have a 6 month old.  SIL's dad want's to babysit both GD's at one time.  MIL is so - so with the kids and really does not have much to do with either of them.  DD is hesitant to let FIL keep both kids at one time.  I suggested that next time the 4 young people got together for dinner (at BIL's) that they let FIL keep the GD's while they are eating - 45 minutes to an hour.  That way, they can all see how he copes.  At least FIL can put the 6 month old in pack n' play while he runs after the oldest one. 


Are they going to phrase it like: we'll give it a try with all of us there and see how you handle it?  Or  like: would you mind giving us a break so we can all visit and eat together.

The first thing I think of (and this is all theoretical since I don't have the opportunity) is that if I wanted to do what the Dad wants to do, and my children - the parents of the gk - told me they wanted a test run to see if I could handle it, I would get the condescension loud and clear.


I kinda thought what Doe thought, it does sound a bit condescending to me too.

IMO, if he's up to it and both the brothers should know how he is as a parent...well, what's the harm?  I don't see a 6 month old and 18 month old together as a big deal but that's JMHO.
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Oh no, that's not what I meant.  FIL & BIL live very close together.  Both of the babies could be dropped off so the AC can have a nice quiet meal (at BIL's) and FIL can keep the babies.  My thinking is, one of the AC can ask FIL if he wants to look after them while they spend some time together without the babies. 

Daughter has no doubt he could/would be great with either of them.  Just both of them together might be a handful.  We keep GD a good bit, simply because we are handy when DD & SIL want to go to a movie or shop.  I don't know if I could handle GC and a baby by myself.  GD can wear me out in a heartbeat as she is a very fast toddler and will grab anything and everything. 

The other GP's live out in the boonies, and DD & SIL go there at least 2x a month or IL's visit them at their house.  GM has never expressed any interest in keeping either of the babies AT ALL!  In fact, FIL has kept the little one for a couple of hours every day between when her mother went to work and father got home from school.

Sorry if I did not express myself very well. 


I say if they trust him with the babies, then let him try.  I'm sure if he tries it once, he will let them know if he could handle it again or he will figure out that they were too much to handle for him for the next time. 
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