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Thank You Kirk and Luise!

Started by cocobars, March 31, 2010, 02:14:57 pm

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Wow!  Did I ever do something...  I don't know exactly what it was, but yesterday I went in to my profile to change it (thinking I should make it more private and simple).  I changed my name to read "coco" instead of cocobars.  Went to the email address and decided to take it out so that was no longer public knowledge too, lined up my cursor behind the email address and hit "backspace" to take out the email.

All of a sudden my screen went blank and I was out!  I tried signing back in and the site no longer recognized me.  I had removed my profile.  All I could think was, well I guess the beautiful memory I have just left in the grab bag of the beach house was my last post!  "Moon Goggles."  At least I left with a beautiful memory (at least to me).  I was frustrated and embarassed, so I wrote a letter to the women that I did know through email addresses, saying goodbye to them on WWU and basically "I'll be in "Yahoo Land" now.  This morning I tried again.  Still no access.  I tried writing Luise a letter on Mom Responds explaining what I had done.  She had to print out the letter and take it to Kirk (they met for breakfast), and wrote me back.

Well, here I am!  Like a bad penny (but I'm happy Luise and Kirk like bad pennies!).  Thank you Luise for your efforts, especially in view of the things going on for you today with Val.  I know this is a hard day to face and you need so much support right now.  It was selfless of you to respond to me and I'm just sorry to be one of the "tasks" you had to face today.  The last thing you need is having to talk about this site on such an important day!  Kirk, thanks for restoring this account for me.  I am happy to know you are there with your mother and backing her up through all the things she is dealing with right now, and I believe you may be saving her life in ways you may not realize.  I will try not to "play" too much after this!  LOL!  That way, you both will not have me in the middle of such important plans...

Sending you both very big hugs and heartfelt PINGS!  I hope you can feel them wherever you are right now...


Luise and Kirk,
Thank you so much for bringing Coco back to us!  You know we wouldn't be the same without her!  We would be absolutely lost.  You two really are a great team and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.  I hope your day went well with the upcoming change.  When is the big move?
Hugs and lots of love, Hope