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Help ME! I'm Drowning

Started by cocobars, March 12, 2010, 04:50:10 pm

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LOL!  Thanks Dorothy!  I'm happy you remember "The Wizard of Oz."  I still think it's one of my favorites - especially after this!


Orly, I have to thank you for being "in my corner" this past week.  I'm exhaling now, and I'm waiting for the "dust" to settle!  This week gave me alot to think about.  It reminded me that "I" am the only one responsible for my own future! 

But, I have friends now!  Thank you!



Coco, Just call them and tell them everyone in your home was recently exposed to H1N1 and you couldn't possibly subject them to the potential for contagion.  OK, well maybe it's not the best idea but it's an idea anyway....:)



HAHAHA!  That's so funny!  Silence - you are definately golden!  I needed that laugh more than you know!

Thanks!  Huge hugs!!!  Hope you catch them! ;D


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


I'm still walking on egg shells at home and letting the dust settle!  I'm figuring this may take a couple of weeks.  There is alot I didn't write about, just because I was tired of it and felt like I was beating a dead horse after awhile.  I need the time (I think) more than they do.  Whew!  Happy this visit is over... 

I found out who my friends were - thank you all, and especially you Luise and Orly.  You were at my back every waking moment and with every post, you were encouraging me.  I don't know how I would have been able to handle it without you!


That's what WWU is all about, isnt it? We don't "drown." We get tossed life preserver(s!)  :D
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Well, I know I was tossed several!  That's something else about this site that amazes me!  There is widespread experience between everyone here, and the information in situations like this is invaluable! 

Hugging you all!


Sorry I saw this whole thread too late to encourage you while your EC was still in town, but I'm relieved that she is gone now.  I have absolutely no experience or wisdom in this arena to lend, but I do have lots of love coming your way.  I hope you can feel all my energy invested in wanting it to all work out for you.  (I feel like I lost five pounds from just reading the posts and feeling the emotion.  You must be absolutely exhausted living through it!)  I'm praying that after things calm down, your parents will visit a lawyer with you and see the importance of the POA's.  Additionally, I'm so thankful that Orly and Luise were there for you (and others) - they were awesome!
Love and hugs,


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I agree Hope and am happy I had this forum when all that was going on.  I became so exhausted with it all that I just couldn't keep up with the updates, and felt like the "drama" was getting worse by the day (maybe even the hour).  There was alot that went on that I didn't say and Orly was a great shoulder to lean on, sending my encouraging PM's throughout the whole ordeal.  I still have alot to do, but am taking a much needed breather and letting the dust settle.  My son ended up being my backbone toward the end and I thank God he was there also.  My GC is writing a letter to my parents that I hope will be passed around, but since my parents have been seeing EC last week, I'm not sure how much help that will be.  It's my hope that they will (in some way) remember all the "drama" that was going on in the EC's part of the country and see the truth in her words (GC).  I think I just need to back up a little and give them some time right now.  My GC can't come visit because her hands are so full.  She also has a daughter who had a baby (in her late teens) and her daughter decided she didn't want the baby, so GC is adopting this little girl. 

Hopefully things will work out, and I can get these POA's in place.  I don't know how long this process will take though, because I'm just waiting now, until I can find a good time to discuss it with them to make that appointment.

Thank you Hope, for all your well wishes!  Late is never too late, and I still feel the hugs and encouragement that is so needed here!