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not sure if my replys to "confused by False Accusations" should go somewhere els

Started by colleen01, December 08, 2011, 10:01:57 AM

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I replied to this topic of "confused by False Accusations" a couple of times but am sorry that I kinda took over her subject with my recent crisis's. So if someone could maybe move my long reply of ystrday to a differnt post(maybe this one about grandchildren)please move it so I can get some support, please?


Hi Colleen-

I went over and read your message.  What an upsetting time all around!

It sounds like they are in a sad situation to begin with and have lots of turmoil even without you.  I wouldn't add to that.   It's real to me that whatever you can to to calm yourself down - that will help the situation. 

I think you should throw out any old 'rule book' you had when you were raising her since that's not working for you.  You may need to find a whole new way of approaching this new mother.


Colleen, I moved your post to under "Adult Sons and Daughters" so it could be found and I'm going to close this one so you don't have 2 going about the same time.
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