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United Women

Started by cocobars, March 05, 2010, 06:27:06 am

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I just wanted to say that last night my purpose was simply to pull in a member who was hurting.  I felt we had become stagnant and hadn't noticed any new posts coming through.  It also seemed to me that we had become divided, and some were even hiding in the corners (fearful).  I wanted us to start talking again and I wanted to break the ice so we could all unite as we already had in the past so well. 

I stand by what I've said in the past...  We have some wonderful and compassionate women on this site.  I don't believe anyone should be hurt by what they say.  We are all expressing personal opinions and should have the freedom to do that.  I know it's been hard on everyone, especially Luise these last few days.

I also want to express that I don't intend to stop a "hot topic" in it's tracks and believe that thread may be important and valid for some of the women here.  I expect it to go on and am hoping that if other women don't want to participate, they will simply overlook the post if it upsets them.  I agree with Luise and creme in that this discussion can be productive to growth, but it's just not for everyone.  I hope nobody feels they are forced into a corner and have to hide from that discussion.  We shouldn't be afraid here.  We should be able to be open and not have to respond to only one topic, or feel we have to ignore that topic either.

I want to say that I don't look down on anyone here and my intent is not to hurt someone by creating new posts and getting out of that discussion.  That was only my decision, and I just wanted us to unite as a group again.  If I have hurt any feelings or stepped on toes, I hope you will let me know so we can discuss it.  I know I am overly sensitive to this subject, but just wanted to say this.

There is nobody here in this forum, that I wouldn't not have worried about in the same way as Chickie.  I respect all of our wonderful wise women here, and this is a place where we can all heal.  Just my thoughts.

I'll be very busy tonight so don't worry if I can't make it in right away.  I'm hugging you! :)