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My life with my husband's family

Started by 2chickiebaby, March 02, 2010, 08:28:52 pm

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When I was a young bride, dumb as a stump...my husband's aunt always made him a cherry pie for his birthday.  It was yum.  She gave it to him the first year we married and we ate it in record time. :) :)

I washed the plate and put it in the cabinet, really not thinking about it again.  I do have manners but at the time, I was busy. *you know*...newly married?

Months passed and we went to a relative's of his funeral.  At the cemetary, up comes his aunt.  I said to her, "Hi Aunt *****!!"

She said to me, real loud and real mean..."do you know why your husband doesn't get cherry pies anymore for his birthday?"

I was intrigued since I hadn't given it another thought.  "No, why?"


I was shocked...and I cried but since my husband was not in hearing, I decided to not tell him.  She never spoke to me again.  I just loved her too.

The Pyrex pie plate probably cost about $2.00 but that wasn't the point.  I should have returned it but I was so busy "entertaining my new husband", I didn't.

Later I dreamed of sending a truck load of pie plates by the hundreds to her house and having them placed in her yard.  I still dream of it but wouldn't you know it?  She died. Drats!!! ;D