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The Bachelor

Started by renny97, March 01, 2010, 05:45:26 pm

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The bachelorettes are meeting the parents!!!!!!!! Mother, already liked one and told Lynley (sp?) what was important. She wanted her son's "possible" wife to get along with SILs.

The second bachelorette, (H?) didn't go over well AT ALL! She was "shooting barbs" at the family dinner! Mother, was shooting daggers!

Wouldn't it be something to see a video of the first meeting our DIL? I think their should be an interview and follow-up Q & A, don't you?


he chose Vienna....I think he liked her zest for life. The other girls didn't like her but he said he didn't care.  He really is in love, you can tell.  I think she loves him too.

They look really happy.