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DIL would love some advice - bit long

Started by Woody, February 25, 2010, 10:34:14 am

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Quote from: Woody on March 06, 2010, 01:38:33 am
  Hubby has decided not to reply to his mum because he really didnt know what to say 'how are you' just isnt enough, he wants a sincere apology and for her to admit she is completely wrong. I feel quite bad for feeling happy about this, if that makes sense. I really want him to have a relationship with his family but as far I am concerned I believe the trust has broken down so much that I will not be able to forgive them and move on. I know it will be hard for him to have a relationship with them on his own as we come as a pair now also we are planning on starting a family soon and I really dont know how that is going to work.

Blimming families hey!

I also agree with everything that has been said.....BUT.....I feel your husband and his family, along with you need to talk, somehow,  & try to settle your differences. Seek understanding and try to get along.

You just stated you want to start a family. His mother will be your MIL from hell and so will his family. This will cause more hurt feelings. Another grandchild will be kept from the grandparents.

I see only heartache if it continues.


P - I'm always willing to accept the possibility of change but when that happens, it's usually my perception that is different, not the person or circumstances. I'm sure others may be able to trust again but for me, once trust is broken, it's like Humpty-dumpty. I can go on loving or get back to it, but trust is a perishable item in my experience.
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