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What do our sons' fathers think of all this?

Started by AnnieB, January 22, 2010, 08:54:18 pm

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I do hope Anna will listen.  It is vital that she does for her sake. 


I think she will chickie...Anna knows we care and only want the best for her.
None of us like seeing her get hurt all the time.


shortly before my son went away, my son's father emailed me and told me, if my DIL were doing the same thing to them and they're family, he said it would literally kill him....


A Good rule of thumb to remember and ponder for "those times:"

Will this "thing" I'm upset about matter anymore after 10 years?

Sometimes (not all the time) this one simple thought will let me know I'm am worrying over nothing.  If it's not important enough to matter in 10 years, then I shouldn't be stressing over it now.