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Started by cremebrulee, February 19, 2010, 06:47:58 am

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mockery is a counterfeit appearance, imitation, insincere comtemptible or impertinent imitation, something ridiculously or impudently unsuitable; a subject of laughter; a sport....

mocking others comes from envious, insecure people who have an unrealistic self image believing that they are superior to others, by putting others down...

mockery gives insecure people a feeling of superiority. They don't feel good enough about themselves to be nice to people so they pick on people to make themselves feel better.  They think it makes them look cool to they're friends when in fact, they appear very very small, small worlds, small minds.  Can you believe adults mock other human beings, adult parents who actually have children?  Whew?

I don't have time for small brains


You are right Creme!  It's so hard to tell when there is mockery coming through the door, or sincerity.  I will err on the side of sincerity, and mock what I believe is mockery! 

It is so hard to tell sometimes what is a language barrier and what is imitation.  We are left with our gut feelings and that's sad.  Mocking people have created a hard world for so many out there! 

I have no time for small brains either.  Once I see who is acting this way, I just have to leave them alone!