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Started by Doe, November 07, 2011, 09:06:22 am

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My cousin and her mom do not get along very well.  Anyway, when cousin had her first child they kept asking her mother what she wanted to be called, she would refuse to talk about it.  So the baby ended up calling her peepee (I think the baby was trying to say something like meme but it sounded like peepee) and then her mom of course wasn't happy with that (yes, her mom is a doozy of a woman) and made the baby call her by her first name.   So that's how my cousins family does it, their grandmother is just called by her first name.
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This is a sore spot for me; a raw wound. 

I loved my grandmother very much and called her Nana (pronounced nah nah).  She died in 75, and I looked forward to being called Nana when my turn came. 

When my ds and dil had their first child, I was called Nana, and loved it. When my eldest grandson was four and my youngest grandson was one, my ds and dil exploited my mother's dementia to gain $$$, and moved her out of state without telling anyone where they were, then dumped her two years later - I found out that they encouraged my grandchildren to call her Nana, and I actually found a letter from my ds to my dm telling her that *she* was the only Nana.  He insinuated that he was rejecting me in his letter (to gain her cooperation I think), and this was when he and dil were pretending to have a relationship with me - they did not tell me any of this and had not had a relationship with my mother for five years (long story-she insulted dil on her wedding day).  I'm trying to make this short but just to say that the name is gone to me now.  If my dds have children, I think I will go with the flow and will withhold my two cents.  I don't care what they call me as long as they love me and allow me to love them.

Not so sweet a story but one I have to live with.  Sorry if it is vague or abstract.


Hi Doe... This is my 1st GC.... and I was simply "assigned" the name "Grandma" because, I think, all 4 of my sons had called my Mom "Grandma", and his girlfriend's family have all used "Nana", so that's the name her mother got.  I personally would not have ever insisted on a particular name....Maybe you can just ask them what name they'd like to call you.


Love this thread!

I wanted to be "Grandma" but GS had other ideas. He chose "Mawmaw" He could make "G" sound because my mom was "Granny" to all her GC. The more I tried to prompt him into "Grandma" the more he insisted on "Mawmaw" LOL
I finally gave in like a "good Mawmaw" and accepted it!    :)


I'm Nana & my dh is Papa.  I picked Nana, but dh wanted to be called Grandpa, he got Papa cause 1st gc would only call him Papa.  We tried & tried to get 1st gc to say grandpa, just wasn't going to happen.  Papa loves his name now, & all the gc call him Papa!!  Dh is just like a big, cuddly, Papa bear.  lol  I wonder if that's why he got his name!!   :)


My sister is called "Me-ner" by her grandchildren because they could not say Memaw.  So funny and so cute. :-*


My son only had twice a year visits & I'm a single parent- he called them Framma & Big Framma! : )