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Attracted to Nuts

Started by 2chickiebaby, February 17, 2010, 05:45:22 am

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Quote from: 2chickiebaby on February 17, 2010, 06:55:47 am
okay, here goes:  A friend who is:-[as strange but I thought, "How unique"

Into the friendship she confided in me that a cat answered her door 2 times. I asked her how in the world a cat could do that.

"I don't know but it did"

I ran home and told my husband.  "honey, a cat answered Susie's door ???

"can you imagine, a cat :'(...poor thing having to see that :'(

my hubby pointed out to me that she was not playing with a full deck. I argued with him but I think he might have been right.   She sure seemed sane, though.

These people walk among us.  Including me who fell far it.

My dog answers my telephone when I'm not home.... ;D

I tell that to people at work a lot...LOL

Just kidding...

however, in all honesty, the greatest gift is when I come home from work, and my little doggie meets me at the door....
never ever did my husband greet me when I came home like that...LOL


Anna, I haven't learned to copy and paste on here but this is to you and your posting about your husband who is a "nut magnet"

My Brother is too!!! All the nuts on earth come out when he arrives.  One day, because he lives in a rural setting, he was walking into the grocery store.  (he was kind of new to this town)

He looks over and this guy is pointing up at the sky, just pointing and staring.  My brother starts looking up and wouldn't you know it, all the people who were coming into the store did the same thing.

So, my brother finally goes into the store and started to check out.  The sales clerk said, "I noticed you were looking at the sky with Henry"

"Yes, I was....I could not see what he was seeing"

"I know, the clerk said, he NUUUUUUUTS, there's nothing there. He's here ever day. Don't pay no attention to 'em.  Mr. Tom (the Manager)calls his Momma to come get him at night"

(this is how you say Nuts in Southern.....NU UTS, really drawn out word.  Kind of like Dan DAAAA YAAN.  Kind of like that.


I am soooo happy we aren't alone :-[

I would have been trying to find "it" in the sky too!  It really makes you feel stupid when someone tells you stuff like that though!  Your poor brother probably never went back...


Oh yes, Anna!  Do I know what you mean?  I do and yes, my brother is very kind and I think people do know when "you are a target". 

I'm trying to work on that but I really would miss the nuts out there.  I hope they would miss me too :(

Tell us when you hear about your friend.