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Controlling People

Started by 2chickiebaby, February 13, 2010, 03:07:12 pm

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Chickie, you are the sweetest thing!  Thank you! 

We had a big dinner that I was preparing for all day.  My son and one DD lives with me, so do my parents, so really the only guests we had was the other older twin daughter and her BF.  They asked for the menu last week and I had it ready for them.  Enchilada's, spanish rice, refried beans, salad, and home-made banana bread for desert.  I'm stuffed, and they left - stuffed too and  took some leftovers.  It looks like you had a slow night here!  I guess that's a good thing sometimes.  No news is good news I hope!

I'm glad to sit down for awhile now.  Hello Wise Women!


Quote from: luise.volta on February 19, 2010, 05:59:11 pm
Feel better, C/?. ;D

I do.  We had fun!  My daughter's BF said something sweet!  He was telling my daughter how much he loved her and was going on and  on, and then he said, "but my tummy is in love with your mom!"  It was nice! ;D  Makes me like him more...


Oh!  This wasn't the daughter I've had problems with - she wasn't here.  She's my oldest daughter (I have three daughters and a son).


How awesome Coco,sounds like you really had a great evening.Your daughters BF sounds like a keeper!!!! ;)


Yes, I think he is and he treats her so well!  It would be nice to see her happy.  I'm crossing my fingers.

Thank you Mominwaiting!  I had a wonderful night with them!  GS is going to sleep.  Precious!


AW!!! GS yes, they are so precious!!!
You have so much to be grateful for Coco.I know your oldest daughter still cause's you a lot of pain.But i think after you write the letter,you will be able to have some peice of mind.
You know and God knows whats in your heart,and thats all that really matters.


Mominwaiting, thank you for saying that!  You are right and I know God will work things out if they were meant to be.  I talked to the kids about it tonight.  They don't know if she is reachable, but will pass the letter to her when her hubby isn't there.  I feel sneaky, but if he is behind this, then I also need to find a way of getting to talk to her without him knowing.

I really appreciated your suggestion.  Isn't it funny how we don't think of the simplest things when it comes to our own situations?

Bless you Mominwaiting!  It was an important message for me! :)


Coco,i went to counseling 5yrs ago,when my son stopped talking to me.She told me to write him a letter,but not mail it to the house.So i ask her if i could mail it to my youngest son and have him give it to him.She said yes,that way you know he got it.If i mailed it to the house,we both were afraid he wouldn't get it.
The letter worked!!! he called and apologised,said he wanted a new start.But things aren't very good still,but at least we are talking....just walking on egg shells all the time.....the little time we have together.

Don't feel like your being sneeky,i know how you feel i did to,but i'm so glad i did write it.
Make sure you make a copy for your self.


February 19, 2010, 07:00:47 pm #128 Last Edit: February 19, 2010, 07:02:49 pm by cocobars
You're right, even if it works out, I'll be walking on egg shells.  We talked about that tonight.  I'll even be "talking" on egg shells in the letter.  I don't want to make her mad.  It's a hard letter to write, but I have until the end of March to do it.

I checked out Dr. Phil's site, but have no sound on my computer right now :-\ 

I'm waiting until my daughter goes to bed, and using hers! ;D
She sit's next to me (we have separate computer stations), but she's still using it.  She says she is tired and is going to bed soon!  Bingo! ;D


By the way, Mominwaiting, it doesn't matter where you got the idea for the letter from.  The fact that you thought of it was priceless.  You truly belong to this group of wise women here!

I appreciate your compassion and your thoughtfulness!


Coco, just start writing.......you will rewrite it several times,before you will feel good about it.Just don't say any thing negative about your ex and his new wife.They will use it against you.
Just remember,if your daughter doesn't respond,it's because of foolish pride.


Thank you. :(  I'm nervous, but I know I'll do it, and have no doubts it will take more than one draft!  LOL!

You deserve such a big hug!  You feel that?  It's me hugging you!


Thank you Coco,i love being a part of this group!!!!
I really have not had one bad day since i found all you wonderful ladies.
I just some times read things,and get so teary eyed and emotional.I have to walk away and come back,i feel the pain every one is going thru.


And thank you for the hug!!!
Yes, i feel it.

your so sweet Coco!!


I know how you feel, Mominwaiting.  I go through it here too, and my elderly parents probably think I'm depressed!  It seems whenever my father walks in, I am in tears over something here.  Sometimes happy tears, and then sad tears, but tears nonetheless!  LOL! 

I have not felt this good in a long time though.  This site, Luise, Chickie, and all the wonderful human beings here are very healing.  Just knowing I'm not alone and that someone understands and loves me anyway!

What more can you ask for! :)