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FB troubles with DIL

Started by grama2four, October 10, 2011, 09:43:25 am

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Hello everyone,

I have good news
after much prayer I let things go as most of you recommended and did not mail the letter. a week ago I received a text msg from DiL letting me know my granddtr got on the honor roll at school...Then today I received another text msg from her apologizing to me for  how she responded to my letter. yippee it all worked out.

Thank you to all of you


Yay!  What good news!  Thanks for coming back and sharing!


Awesome grama2four :)  Doing the happy dance for you :)
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That's wonderful, Grama2four :) Thank you for letting us know. GFY, and GFDIL!
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That's awesome!  I'm very proud of you and DIL.
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lancaster lady

When things were bad between my DIL and I , I stopped all communication and let things rest .
Then I began to receive invitations to visit , so loving detachment worked for me . :)