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How to get started posting

Started by 2chickiebaby, January 31, 2010, 03:10:51 pm

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Would someone please give a short tutorial on how a new person can start posting?  We have a new member and I tried but can't explain it properly.  HELP!


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I'm going to give this a try, so bear with me.

From the main menu, click on the subject you would like to post in.  This will bring you into a separate screen showing all the posts in that category.

At the very bottom of this menu, there will be a button called "New Topic."  Click on that button.
This will open up a screen that looks like an email that you are getting ready to send. 

Fill out the Subject title (Whatever you are titling your post)

In the "roll-down" screen underneath that, type out your post. Just like writing an email!  You can scroll up or down to read your post using the roll-bar to the right of where you are typing.

When you are finished, click on the "POST" button.  It's at the bottom-left of your screen (in blue)

Welcome!  Let us know if this is good enough or you have any more questions.

;)To reply to someone else's post, simply click on the reply button (located at the bottom-right hand side).  Underneath the post you are reading.  Go through the same steps above for making your own post.


Welcome! Great instructions! I would also suggest you go to Open Me First....first and read the two top (colored) entries.  Also...know that it's easy to poke around the site and try this and that. You can't mess anything up.  ;)
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Just wanted to make sure this post stayed on the top of the list so it could be found by new members.

Welcome!  Please see Luise's Post above this one.  I hope the instructions can be of some help...