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Confused and sad

Started by Nana, October 15, 2011, 06:39:51 pm

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Hang in there Nana.  I hope the children feel better soon.  We all jump to conclusions when faced with situations where we are trying to sort out what to do.  I do it all the time as part of my mental process of how best to handle something.  I'm always what if this, what if that when faced with something.  It prepares me mentally for and different scenarios for when I can get the facts.  I had a squirrel doing a dance on the side of the road this morning, and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that the little booger was going to wait until I got up beside him and bolt in front of my car so I slowed down.  He didn't.  He gave me an evil look and ran back into the woods. 

I think it's great that you are exploring all kinds of possibilites so you can be prepared.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
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Purple Room

I intended to tell a couple of stories about children biting but a computer glitch made my reply shorter and more terse than I intended.

Often children do bite other children on the chest - through their clothing. It is really painfull but does not show a bite mark because of the clothing. Just suppose that is what happened and when you looked there was no mark because the redness had vanished so gd wondered when the mark on her would vanish as well. - Just a thought and also fits the description you gave.

Children biting others can be a real problem.

I was having my hair cut recently when the hairdresser received a phone call from her child's daycare informing her that her child had bitten 10 other children. She (hairdresser) became distraught and went on and on about how she had tried to stop the biting and someone had told her to bite her child but she didn't want  to do it. (She totally made such a mess of my hair cut too)

A friend of mine had a child who used to bite, she was given the same advise and didn't do it because she thought her child would grow out of it and it didn't seem like a loving thing to do. Her child didn't stop biting and eventually was expelled from school because of it.

Another friend of mine who is a retired teacher- who asked me what had happened to my hair - on hearing my explanation said she had been a "biter" when she was a child and that is what stopped her.

Often children do not realise how much biting hurts and so that is why the suggestion to bite them seems like a good solution.

Just relating these stories so you can have an alternative scenario to think about in the interim period before you finally do discuss it.

lancaster lady

Hope she didn't charge you for the haircut !


Lancaster LadY
Fortunately your hair will grow again lol.  You know Lancaster this is the first time I hear my granddaughter bite his brother or any one for that matter.  She does hit him, or fight even though she is 2 years younger.  On the other hand, she is or hitting him to get something she wants or kissing him all over... she loves his brother very much.

I am more relaxed as to what happened trying to see it as a method so as she doesnt do it anymore.  Still I am not comfortable with it but well, we'll see.

Update us with what happened.  Did Son  and gd already moved?   I do hope you get to see them often so you can enjoy your granddaughter.

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lancaster lady

Hello Nana ,
It wasn't me that had the haircut ...lol..... however my hair is falling out at the moment , due to such a stressful year .
Kids will battle with their siblings 24/7 , it's all part of growing up .As long as they don't cause permanent damage
let them get on with it ..

I am beginning to see how stressful my year has been . My health is shot to pieces and I am getting one virus after
another . My doc says it's all down to stress , and no joke , my hair is falling out !Plus the heart thing ....aye , aye , aye !

However tonight , they are away as usual back at my DIL's FOO , and my DH is preparing a steak dinner for me as I write
this , and I am now feeling the stress falling away . I haven't been aware of exactly how much stress I have been under
until now that we are at the final countdown as the move is next weekend , my body has given up the tension it has
been under for nearly a year . My OS believes everything happens for a reason , and now after living with my Gd
for 4 1/2 months , we have now a bond I hope that will last forever .So perhaps it did happen for a reason .
I will miss her so much , but hopefully will see her often .
The newly weds need their own place , as I need my own space .

thank you Nana for caring ....love as always .

Purple Room

She did charge me for the haircut.

After a few months I went to a different hairdresser. As she was cutting she said in a shocked voice "what happened here?" She did her best to make it look better but as I was leaving she said "There is lot of growing that needs to happen before those gaps are filled in."

I never did find out what happened with the biting but a dodgy haircut can be fixed more easily I think.   ::)