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Started by lancaster lady, October 02, 2011, 01:35:16 am

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lancaster lady

thought I would let you know how things are going my end ......!
As you may remember my DIL method of child rearing , and my fears of this method .
This weekend my DIL attended a family occasion leaving my GD with MY DS for 1/2 a day , not here
but at her FOO's house .
As my DS wasn't allowed to attend or look after his daughter throughout her first year , you can imagine
how he feels now left ''holding the baby''.
My GD spent hours crying for her Momma , asking over and over where she was . Can you imagine
how my DS felt . I always worried about this separation anxiety she might face when left .
He promptly took his DD to her Momma and felt so inadequate doing so .
My fear now is , as she has to look for work , how will my GD now face being left for even longer periods .
Oh I know she will eventually get used to this , but all this trauma to accept that she will return eventually .
Last night she continually woke screaming for her Momma .
I saw a changed little girl yesterday when they returned , clinging to her DM and crying each time she
lost sight of her .
You know thats why we have extended families to help with new babies and care for older ones .
I hope my wee GD gets over this quickly , I have recommended to my DIL she begins to leave her
for short periods slowly extending them to longer ones , but then what do I know .....!


I feel for you and your GB!  But yes, they are resilient.  Remember, some of that crying is a saying, " Listen to me!  I want my way!"     At least she's got parents, food, shelter, unlike so many babies around the world.
Hang in there!


I wondered what would happen if DM started leaving her.  I know nothing about her parenting style choice, but when you talked about it, that was one of the questions that popped into my head.  What happens when she starts school, etc. and has never had interaction with others.

Sorry LL.  I know it's hard to watch but your suggestion was great.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
Joseph Campbell