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interesting development I'm noticing

Started by tryingmybest, September 29, 2011, 06:52:07 am

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I think you are very wise to not reply or react when your son and DIL try to tell you about each other's faults.  Only thought here is that you might want to not even listen - stop them short, tell them that is between them, you never want to be in position of taking sides.  Basically, you are the teflon mother/mother-in-law.  My concern is that if you hear out their complaints - (even if you make no comment) - they could later hold that against you.  Think Miranda rights on a TV drama.  Not only can anything you say or do be used against you.  I fear that merely the fact that you listened might be used against you (unfairly of course, but who ever said life is fair?)

Cheers --- Good luck --- and when do they move out?  Soon, I hope, for your sake. 


Shelby, I edited your comments about your previous thread out of your post, if you would like to continue talking about that thread - please go there to do so.  If you would like people to stop commenting on your thread or situation than it is best not to post about it.  We are a "take what you want and leave the rest" community and as a forum directed to in law issues, we are going to have opinions and post them -- that is what WWU is for! 

Disagreement is normal and healthy, you do not have to agree with every member but to participate in this community you will have to find a way to be at peace that there are going to be members who disagree with you.
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I am at peace with them - I just want them to leave me in peace.

lancaster lady

hi Shelby ,
Beginning of November they move  ......you would have to go back and read my original posts to get the history .
Interesting reading , talk about Karma coming back to bite you !! lol

most of us tend to agree to disagree on this Forum , keeps the peace that way .... :)