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Re: Daughter refuses to invite me to her wedding in 2 weeks

Started by jdtm, November 03, 2011, 06:35:23 am

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QuoteWe are all open to various viewpoints and don't always agree, but we also do not badger a poster and pick apart every post.

This statement was a bit harsh - I think what BunnyMa was trying to do was to find logic in a person's actions, when sometimes, there is no logic.  When I first joined this site, I, too, tried to find a "reason" for what had occurred in my life, and sometimes, the reason is irrational, not logical, not concrete, perhaps even fantasy or mythical.  Oh,  there's always a "reason" but as I have said many times "one can not reason with one who cannot reason"  Many times, we just have to "Let go and Let God" because there is no other way.  BunnyMa - I think this is what Pooh was trying to say.

By the way BunnyMa, I really enjoyed your thread on "Neediness" and I'm not sure why it was locked.  I think that may have been my downfall with our son - he just could not accept his mother being less than "strong".  Take care ...


When I lock a thread jdtm, you may not agree or like it, but please don't bring it back up on another thread.  That defeats the entire purpose of locking a thread.  Thanks.
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. -
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Sorry - didn't realize I was in the wrong.  I was only trying to give BunnyMa some support - and the "thread" did help me.  I guess I don't understand the "dynamics" on this site.  Oh well - the learning curve of a newbie ...


I split and moved the off topic posts in the previous thread.

Jdtm, you're appreciated here.  I just wanted to address that a lot of things happen that not everyone knows about.  By time time you get to a post, it may have already been modified by a mod.  Or a post/thread was reported and corrective steps were taken.  And yet, you (general you, meaning every poster here) doesn't have the full scoop on the background of the wheres and whys.

We mods aren't perfect but we try and we ask you to trust us, our main goal is keeping WWU a supportive place that can continue on.
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