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Latest Update on Luise

Started by 2chickiebaby, January 09, 2010, 05:40:54 am

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Well, dear heart, every day seems to take more out of me than I have to give but I am making it through.

My plaster cast has been replaced with a removable one. I'm still wheelchair-bound but I can now shower sitting on a chair! :-)

I thought I could sleep without the removable cast but my surgical site is to sensitive to the weight of the bedding and/or the strain of turning over that I can't do it. So...I'm still sleeping with a log. LOL!

Val and I are enjoying each other in spite of the circumstances and I have an orthopedic evaluation scheduled for Jan. 14th. At 82 and 98 we are doing quite well, if seems to me.

Don't worry...I'm coping. And don't think I don't appreciate your looking in one me. It's wonderful to stay connected.

I go days without looking at MILU and then I drop in and am overwhelmed and intimidated by the content.


P.S. You can copy and paste this if you want to.


Luise, thanks for the update, and thanks to Chickie for passing it along. I think of you daily, especially when something is difficult and I don't want to do issues seem so silly, suddenly. Best wishes on your continued recovery!
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Thanks to everyone. Have reported on other threads that I am up but not running. Back on MILU! Yes!
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It is amazing how resilient yet fragile the human body can be. Don't worry about any hardware (plates and screws) in your leg. Once your ankle heals you shouldn't have any pain. They will help reinforce the bone but you should not have any pain because of their presence.

Now, you may have more difficulty getting through the airport scanners.... ;)


Best wishes for a speedy recovery Luise..  glad to hear the update!


One downside to those plates may be one of the few people who can foretell the weather from now on with them.   Of course, knowing ahead of time may be a perk too.