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Building Each Other Up

Started by Victim, January 06, 2010, 03:10:33 pm

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January 06, 2010, 03:10:33 pm Last Edit: February 06, 2010, 02:33:45 am by Survivor
I would like to say a few heartfelt words about some posters on here, as appreciation for the support and after reading the unkind words on the other sight, think it would be nice to appreciate each other.


Dear Survivor, I echo your are honest to the core and I appreciate you. Thank you for being who you are.

Coco, sweet, funny, Coco...your sweet spirit always lifts me.
RedRose....such a great online friend, always loyal, which means the world to me.
Penstamen....your words always make me feel like we're kindred spirits.
AnnieB....wish you'd come back here!! Miss you. Miss your wise thoughts.
Greeneyes...always there to give us the right thoughts when we're off track and kudos when we're on the right one.

I'm missing people and I want to say something about everyone....I'll be back!


Anna, sweet you kind and loving...such a dear


January 06, 2010, 03:31:01 pm #3 Last Edit: January 06, 2010, 03:49:09 pm by cremebrulee
Great Thread!!!!!

Chickie I find you owning a great sense of humor, with a lot of warmth and compassion towards others...not to mention, how do diligent you are...and your ability to understand us all not to mention your intelligence...patience and inner beauty...thank you

Justus...I love your endearment for life...your posts are filled with empathy and compassion for others...

Cocoa...your also a sweet lady with a huge sense of humor and always willing to look at the other side of the coin....your wise and such a pretty lady...thank you...

Pentstamen...what a gal you are...wise and compassionate, with a lot to say...which is very helpful and caring...

Redrose, it's always great to see your name pop up on threads...b/c I know I'm going to enjoy your posts...wise, well thought out and kind. are also an asset to this forum with a awful big heart and great sense of intuition....your love of people shows along with the wisdom you possess...

Survivor, I think your honesty is incredibly honorable, intellegent and caring about others....a woman who truly wants to change...not to mention your posts...and words of encouragement to all...
Many thanks

Happy Days...your a wonderful woman, with a southern welcoming hand...very comical and I'm so glad we're friends...your wise and as sweet as your voice...Gosh, your a great woman...

Oley, I simply love your should be a writer...your intellectual outlook is very supportive and helpful....not to mention, your patience and awareness...your confidence shows through...and I love your cut and dry approach...your honest even if it hurts and I know I'll learn much from you

Annie, your a wonderful woman with a big heart, and one who is upbeat and very warm, and despite your medical condition...your a hoot...intelligent and right there ready to cheer people on...

GreenEyes...I love your positive outlook and ability to look for the good in everything...and by the way, I miss you...where have you been?  Your wise and compassionate...and you tell it like it is...I like that...

Liz...don't know you to well yet, but I must say, I don't believe you need to grow a need to stay just the way you are...don't listen to that nasty awful MIL of yours....your very intelligent and have a very good outlook on life...

Technorebel...Love your comments...your wisdom and ability to let things roll off, you give great advice and your also

IsItme...I would give anything to have a DIL like you...we'd have so much fun together...we'd laugh and really hit it off well...I admire you...your beauty and do diligence..patience and ability to look for the good in others...

Ladies...I am honestly so proud to have your aquaintences...your a wonderful group of women...and you all make this one very successful website...

Thank you Chickie and Louise...for your hard work and love for others...for your patinece and reminding us, there are great loving beautiful women in the world that I'm proud to know....

Survivor, thank you for your kindness and for understanding me...



This is such a great thread.  There are so many things I appreciate about you ladies and I second everything that has been written above.

Survivor:  I remember initially responding to you because your words sounded so much like my FMIL.  I admire your honesty and your willingness to change.  Your posts are so different now from your earlier ones. 

Chickie:  Thanks so much for always being so supportive.  I think I've learned from you (and many others here) that it's important to LOVE and not always worry so much about the price to your ego.  We all need to find a way to balance our belief in love with our sef-respect, but you have always underscored to me how important it is to be willing to open yourself up.

Creme:  What can I say?  The insights you have given me and others here has been incomparable.  I think you are not afraid to say what you think and to dish out a little tough love when it's needed.  I would love to have you as an MIL!

Anna:  Everyone here has made me realize how important grandchildren can be to their grandparents, but your stories have especially shown me how much a grandmother will endure in order to be close to her grandchildren.

Other DILs like Just2be, Marriedchick, Sassy:  thanks for providing some reassurance from the same side of the coin.  It's a very different experience to hear from DILs on this site who will actually try to provide support and insight instead of just telling me to cut off relationships with my BF or BF's family or insulting my BF. 

and of course Luise:  Thank you for creating this site.  You've done a wonderful thing that will hopefully help many many families resolve some of their issues and be a little bit closer (or healthier...that's what I"m going for at least...)

There are so many others who I may not know as well but I appreciate everything everyone has contributed and I feel like I've learned so much.  I end up venting here a lot but everyone is always willing to listen and to provide what support or advice they can.  It's so wonderful for me to have a reality check as well.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

okay going to copy this before I try to post it just in case things go awry  ;D


I forgot to add...
this post made my day.  I've been in such a horrible mood lately (counseling is hard and having my sister take over my studio apartment all week long has been really tough!) and I came into work this morning feeling pretty negative.  But now I feel much better.  So thanks for starting this thread survivor!


Thanks Survivor.  I'm glad we both found this place.  I'm really hoping you are able to grow from this and hopefully have a better relationship with your son, DIL and grandchildren as a result.  I really really hope so.

I know I still have a lot of growing to do...I wish my FMIL was the same way but sadly, despite all our recent "positive" interactions, I will still expect bad behavior from her in the future and find it very difficult to trust.  Maybe this is a question I can ask to the MILs on this forum - it might be premature because there is a slight slight slight chance that my FMIL will change (I'm not holding my breath)...... but ladies, what are you supposed to do with an F/MIL who ISN'T like you....not willing to admit any fault, not willing to look inside herself, not willing to create a life for herself, always picking on you...  In short, a person who is pretty much impossible to have anything other than a superficial relationship with where you are walking on eggshells the entire time.....maybe I can post this on another thread..