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What a friend of mine just told me

Started by 2chickiebaby, January 04, 2010, 04:07:40 pm

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A friend knows all about how badly we've been treated by DIL.  She said to me tonight, "this will happen to her and when it does she will know exactly where it came from."

I knew what she was talking about because in the past, she has told me how she treated her own MIL. 

I could hear a sadness in her voice and a knowing that what she said had happened to her.  Now, her own Daughter is distancing herself from her. 


Hi Chickie, it gives a whole new meaning to what goes around, comes around, doesn't it?
Very sad...I wish there were solutions for this...if only people would identify that this is not normal and seek help for everyone involved.  What we do, say and think effects so many other people...those who love us and we love.  Sad, very sad.


yes, it does give new insight into the thought.  My Grandmother used to tell me, 'be sure, your sins will find you out.'

It's along the same lines as, 'what goes around.....'


It's true.  I have seen that happen too!  It helps me out to remember that the DIL's are still to young to understand that we are all looking back at eachother through a mirror.  Our mirror's are just older and wiser, but they will get where we are someday.  Hopefully with no "kicks" from karma, although alot of them may get that to boot!  HA!

I know that's a vindictive thought, but it helps me smile back and take it.  You can't take anything too personally when it's coming from someone without the experience you have...