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daughter hates me

Started by whyme, September 04, 2011, 06:37:53 am

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Welcome Whyme :)

Children of alcoholics can have a really rough time and take some years to recover.  Have you checked out any alanon stuff?  I know it sounds odd but I think your DDs issues have nothing to do with you, you're just stuck in the crosshairs.

Good luck
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Hi Pam1 - I totally agree with you, she has a lot of issues to deal with that's why I put up with a lot of verbal abuse for over 10 years.  Yes, I did go to Alanon and it did help. The sad part about Alanon is that so many people there are co-dependent on their alcoholic partners, however on the bright side of Alanon it really did help me to see things differently. I actually went to deal with my father's abuse and found that Alanon aided me not just with him but with my ex and my DD.  I'ts so nice to find people who understand. Thanks