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Started by 2chickiebaby, January 03, 2010, 09:04:48 am

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Hi Orly...

I don't know if Isitme was trying to give them an out by saying what they did was sick...but I can't speak for her, just saying, that I don't believe she was...I believe she is sickened by they're behavior....at least that is how I took her post...

In all honesty I went to that site only three times to read, when it was pointed out to me by someone, that I was being talked about...I'd been there before, way before this site, only read...and was also sickened by some of the comments by DIL's.  I have been to other sites, totally unaware of what kind they were, until after reading a little, and can now conclude pretty quickly if I want to be a member or not....

I do agree with everything you have said...adding, that bullies do not really like people who take they're rudenss, (they view us as weak)  do you know, I've heard people say, that saying "I'm sorry" is a sign of weakness? 

Bullies have no respect for anyone who take they're bad behavior..and are actually challenged by someone who is not afraid to stand up to them....I really do wish, I'd have been myself and stood up to my DIL...but she is my son's wife, and I didn't want to hurt him or her.  Anyway, I've read that on several different human behavior sites...

but I enjoyed reading your post and agree with everything you said...

very honest and knowledgeable, thank you


In my experience, standing up to a bully makes them back off and leave you the heck alone.  My step father was a big one to everyone that would let him get away with it. With me, he found that hard wall that refused to knuckle under to it.  Every few years he would try a different tactic and get the same results....NONE!  He finally stopped trying and learned to treat me like a human being.


I wasn't trying to give these people an "out" by using the word sick or unhealthy....their behavior is "sick" in the sense that it is abominable.  However, that reminds me of a good line I was once told - "You can cure crazy with pills and therapy, but there's just no cure for a mean black heart."

I agree with the point about bullies - nothing scares a bully more than someone who will stand up to them.