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Thank You All So Much!

Started by cocobars, January 02, 2010, 06:10:29 pm

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I am a newbie here.  I can say that I am truly amazed that I can go off my computer and get on with something I have to do after opening up my heart like I did this morning.  Yet, every time I have come back to this site, someone has posted something so sweet and supportive to me - a stranger!

We really do have some beautiful people in this world, don't we!  If not for the kindness of strangers, I would be lost!  I want to say thank you, and I hope to be worthy of your kind words and support in the future!

Thank you so much for today!  This is a diamond in the rough here!  Well, maybe not so rough...


You are so sweet to say that.  We know your heart and know what you're going thru.  We are just people, we're strangers but have a lot in common.  Keep with us while we go on our journey.   :)


chickiebabie!  I wouldn't want to lose sight of you now!  You are a beacon for me! and I hope I can only return the kindness you may not even be aware that you have shown to me in just one day!


coco I am with you chickie has been fab to us all


You have also!  I missed talking to you and everyone here today.  I had to work.  Not feeling well, and not sure that it's not just nerves.  There is so much going on here.  I'm happy I found this site this weekend.  I really think I was led to this place.   I missed you beautiful souls today!!! 

Give yourself a hug!