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"Bad Mothering" lawsuit

Started by Doe, August 28, 2011, 07:44:02 am

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It could be worse!

These adult children tried to sue their mother things like buying toys and sending a birthday card the child didn't like.  Good Grief!


 :o  We live in a world gone mad  :-\


Ohmygoodness....but it makes you wonder, when adult children behave so badly---our own adult children--just what shoe might drop next.  Personally, I have seen how downright mean my own "sweet" darlings can be when they get in a snit about something.  I'm cautious about everything these days...even what I write on cards and emails and FB and and and... ::) ::)  I feel most safe talking to my cats and my plants....and to you WW of course... ;D Thanks for a bit of humor this morning, I needed to lighten up today!!
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I don't even ask my son what to get his child for Christmas, Birthday, etc., because one of these day when he says - well whatever, but it has to be age appropriate.  What, did I give you something like a AK47 for your 5th birthday?  Eye rolling here. 

I wish the judge had made the ex pay the legal fees the mother had to pay. 


Ok, now I am speechless!  Holey moley, what's next?
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What a waste of everyone's time and effort. The children and their father should have to pay all the related expenses at the very least, if not the mom's legal fees and some extra for emotional distress.

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So can we sue our kids for being bad children - not doing chores, not doing homework, getting mouthy, missing curfew, etc.?