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"Welcome to -- When adult children marry and leave home, life can sometimes get more complex instead of simpler.  Being a mother-in-law or daughter-in-law can be tough.  How do we extend love and support to our mothers-in-law, adult children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, and grandchildren without interfering?  What do we do when there are communication problems?  How can we ask for help when we need it without being a burden?  And how do our family members feel about these issues?  We invite you to join our free forum, read some posts... and when you're ready...share your challenges and wisdom."


Started by greeneyes100, December 30, 2009, 04:00:25 am

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Hi MOM2  yes life is more peaceful. I do not need the put downs,blackmailing,this way I have a say in what I want,it is a hard decision,but when made a form of relief comes over.


Hope you ladies enjoy this poem that was given to me when I felt so down myself.  It helped me pick myself up and move forward.....tell me what you think, pro or con?

Any day we wish; we can discipline ourselves to change it all.  Any day we wish; we can open the book that will open our mind to new knowledge.  Any day we wish; we can start a new activity.  Any day we wish; we can start the process of life change.  We can do it immediately, or next week, or next month, or next year.
We can also no nothing.  We can pretend rather than perform.  And if the idea of having to change ourselves makes us uncomfortable, we can remain as we are.  We can choose rest over labor, entertainment over education, delusion over truth, and doubt over confidence.  The choices are ours to make.  But while we curse the effect, we continue to nourish the cause.  As Shakespeare uniquely observed, ââ,¬Å"The fault is not in the stars, but in ourselves.ââ,¬Â  We created our circumstances by our past choices.
We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today.  Those who are in search of the good life do not need more answers or more time to think things over to reach better conclusions.  They need the truth.  They need the whole truth.  And they need nothing but the truth.
We cannot allow our errors in judgment, repeated every day, to lead us down the wrong path.  We must keep coming back to those basics that make the biggest difference in how life works out.  And then we must make the very choices that will bring life, happiness and joy into our daily lives.
And if I may be so bold to offer my last piece of advice for someone seeking and needing to make changes in their life ââ,¬â€œ I your donââ,¬â,,¢t like how things are, change it!  You are not a tree.  You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life ââ,¬â€œ and it all begins with your very own power of choice.
--Jim Rohn

If you feel like you are in pit, there are things people do that does not work.  They look down to see how deep they are or they look around to see how ugly it is. Instead look up!  Pray and be patient!  God sees your heart and he will answer your prayer in His due time ââ,¬â€œ but He is looking at your heart! 


How true. It is the choices we make in life. If we follow the same road that is where we will end up.  That is why I said I only alow myself a certain amount of time to worry about a problem. That is a choice. I chose happines and contentment.



This is ultimately what we are all wanting here.  Better self esteem and awareness equals love and good feelings all the way around!  We have to learn to value ourselves before anyone else will see that value.  What a thought!  We can make that happen with work and support!

By the way, I have green eyes too.  Light green that are mistaken for blue!  HA!  Mine have a black circle around the iris which makes them look sort of piercing.  My DH used to say he couldn't look in my eyes when he first met me.  I just though he was bashful!  LOL!


I want to apologize to everyone.  Need to focus on us here and learn to grow where we are and it doesn't matter what others think.   Venturing off here is not a solution for us.

Coco, I'll bet your eyes are so pretty.  I think mine are pretty too, though darker green than yours.  I'm a green eyed blonde. 


Peace, thank you, that was a fantastic and profound way of looking at things...I'm glad your here and you shared this upbeat poem...


You are so welcome!  Believe me, I have poems and quotes posted around to remind me of the choices I need to make everyday - remember - living in the moment.  It is not easy but the past wasn't working for us so we keep moving forward one step at a time.  Please don't think "I am there yet" or I wouldn't have looked for a site like this to talk,  look for support and vent.  We are all going to have our bad days as well and a place like this to come to is a wonderful gift.  We all hurt but need to support each other to rid ourselves of the guilt that we should NOT be feeling! 


Thank you for giving me that....I need to know I have permission to vent and be mad if I want to.  So, thank you!!

I sure wouldn't want the DILs to think I was whining.  Poor things can't spell so they spell it "wine", like the fruit of the vine. 

Really, thank you, Peace.  I do need help.


Why can't they spell?  Stomach is spelled like that.  Not stomache....are you freaking kidding me?  We're suppose to be holding our stomaches in pain.  We get upset when we are ignored, losing our "N" supply.   WHAT?

The entire world is not made up of "N's".  The Boogey Man is not out to get you.