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Sinking today

Started by 2chickiebaby, December 29, 2009, 06:04:49 am

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I guess I was on a high at Christmas....sinking today.  :'(


why chickie?  you were so happy and you were able to share some of your love with your dil and get it back - that's so wonderful?  Is it just that it's too quiet now that the holidays are over?  Can you go do something nice for yourself today? 


I don't know what it is...I guess it's after Christmas let down.  I do have so much to be thankful for.....
I'm trying to think of something.  I think I compare myself with everyone I know.  They all have such great families.  Stop it, Chickie!!!!!!



I am really trying to get through all this holiday stuff too.  I know you are sinking but you are so fortunate that at least you got to see them.

I have not seen mine since the end of October.  I just don't think my son's g/f will ever allow me around them again.  I did receive a text message from my son on Christmas that said "Merry Christmas".

It is sad and I am really a lot better than I was.

My daughter is failing 4 classes so I really am going to let all this take a severe backseat and work on her. 

I have to work on getting her a tutor and letting her take the recovery classes.

But I do sympathize with you.  I am not making light of anything.  Hang in there girl, we can get through this :).




OH!!! Sadat!!  It makes me ashamed to hear this.  The fact that he texted "Merry Christmas" means something!!  It really does.  It's so little but this means that in some corner of his mind, he is still holding on. 

I have been thinking about are you, AnnieB???? Worried..


Oh don't be ashamed. It is what it is right now.   Yeah I think he was reaching out in a sense but she probably did not know he sent it.   They were at her Mom's house for Christmas. 

If I could go back knowing what I know today, I would handle things a lot different.  I tried too hard.  That is one reason it hurts so much.

Happy New Year!!!


I did too, Sadat!! I tried so hard...too hard.  Glad for what I have, though. 
I'm sure your son did that on the hard to imagine. 


chickie, are you feeling better today?  I really hope so.

I think all of you here have tried.  Even if you get a negative response back, can you take some comfort in the fact that you have done that?  I think it's a very admirable thing.


yes, I feel a little better today....just have the after Christmas let down like everyone else.

CDIL controlled the entire Christmas and DDIL was sitting there panting like a lost doggie waiting to see if she would take her home.  We did what CDIL wanted to do the whole time.

Have you ever heard of anyone who complained more than I do?  I am so very sorry! :(


Don't apologize for complaining Chickie - if anything, I feel like I'm always complaining too much but you always listen to me anyways.  I think all the ladies here are ready to listen to your complaining - because we're all here to complain too!

I'm really glad you're feeling better.  I find it very interesting the way you describe your CDIL and DDIL  and the dynamic inbetween them...  I feel bad for your DDIL - I wonder why she works so hard to get the attention of her SIL but doesn't seem to give as much thought to her MIL?  Is it important for MILs that their DILs get along or are friends?  I actually don't see myself ever being close to my BF's SIL - she seems alot like their mother!  But I can show her courtesy and respect.  But maybe some SILs have jealousy issues...I remember once someone advised you to let your DILs work out their own issues - maybe that's just the best thing.

Again - glad you're feeling better.  And I"m happy to hear you complain anytime!  :)


Isitme....Thank you for letting me whine....I feel sorry for DDIL too but when she was really bad, it hurt me so much!!  I see now that these were her issues and she was dealing with depression.  I would imagine that being around the beauty queen, she felt worse.  Although, she is beautiful in her own right.

Yes, I wanted them to love each other so much!!  I wanted them to be a family.  CDIL didn't like her and at the time and I didn't blame her.  At first, DDIL told CDIL that they needed to stand strong against me??????!!! (huh?)

That really hurt me because I wanted to be apart of their lives, not excluded from their lives.  It is important for them to work out their own paths and I need to stay out of it. Drats! I can't.  I must forge onward and worrry about it!!!

I think you are so smart to be guarded and if something doesn't feel right, it isn't.  But, if his Mother has been confronted on her issues with you and even her DH can see it, I'd give her a chance, without letting go of your heart.  :)