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MIL makes me regret trying

Started by Bride2Be, December 18, 2009, 04:47:47 pm

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Creme, I think I've been way off base with Isitme...I didn't realize he was abusive.  I know his Mother is a pain in the neck, for sure but I didn't look at it this way. 

I can see what you're saying...


no chickie, he's not abusive...it's his mother.  But asking me to put up with it IS abusive on his part in a passive kind of way.  But I think another problem is that he doesn't see it as abuse because he's been emotionally abused like this his whole life and thinks it is the norm. 

I've posted some of my other thoughts on this in response to your comments on another thread.  Thanks so much for the advice and insight.  And for letting me vent too! 


I'm glad you are getting counseling.....I really thought his mother was just a pain in the neck.  I didn't realize it was abuse.  If he's been abused his whole life, that is very hard.  I am sad for him.