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Loving yourself

Started by greeneyes100, December 28, 2009, 12:04:33 am

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I think when we can step back and see what is going on ...it's easier to realize that most people are not trying to hurt us deliberately but out of their own issues, do.  It's hard!! 

The case of Isitme's MIL to be....I wonder if those are HER issues and Isitme is bearing the brunt of it? There is no excuse for it and it hurts badly when done to a DIL.  I do realize that.


Remember to love and respect yourself



I have lit my perfume candles
had my breakfast
took my vitamins including the B multivite
exfoliated my skin
washed/driyed my hair
put on my make up
cleaned my home
had lunch

and have been on this wonderful site


Quote from: greeneyes100 on December 28, 2009, 05:12:44 pm
yes, when we realise that the people abusing, are doing it because of their own issues it makes it easier to understand and not take it all on ourselves

  And it's best to leave them.   If you are not there for them to abuse, they will just find a replacement.


normally they turn their abuse on someone else if you do not tolerate it, they can only abuse people who tolerate it.


Today I am writing down my   GOALS      for 2010.
personal                                                                    home
1  be gentle on myself                                               1 more lights for garden
2   lose 6kg                                                               2  paint fence
                                                                                3  paint inside 1 room at a time

3  start walking                                                         4  finish painting deck
4  my teeth whitened                                                5  paint french doors
5   1 short holiday
6  yoga classes
7  latin dance classes
8  help less fortunate ie money or time
9  new glasses
10 will not tolerate abuse   

just some things to start with.  I do this each year, I usually achieve each one there are more to add.
I start walking today  no excuses anymore                                           


Great posts, ladies!  Creme, I live alone as well and I really enjoy it!  I work a full time job, caretake my mom, play with the grandkids I am allowed to see, go out with my girlfriends and go home to peaceful home and do what I want to do and when I want to do it.  It is pretty nice to love yourself!


if we do not love ourselves no one else can



Today I have loved myself by seeing how much wiser and more experienced I am then the younger people around me.  I have also realized that "forgiveness" is part of loving yourself, and when you forgive someone, you absolutely will feel more valuable in the end. 

Cheer's to me!



Cocoa...that is so true...excellent post...yanno, it's so good to fill up our lives with people, both young and old...