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been quiet for a while....though i need some encouragement today

Started by Miss Understood, August 14, 2011, 01:39:25 pm

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Miss Understood

Mine has a lot of curse words it it!  ;D ;D ;D
I am glad I posted today...I feel better.
I have this new motto about myself with my family.
"they don't know me...or they'd like me"


Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama

Keys Girl

It's not your mess.......it is theirs. 

Don't waste a minute worrying about them, their refusal to extend invitations, etc.etc.  You are feeling their rejection and hostility.  (well, maybe for an hour but after that.......)

Your days of cleaning up someone else's mess of cookies, spit up, etc.etc. are DONE.  They are not babies anymore, they are ADULTS.........let them figure it out for themselves.

Your days of enjoying your days are HERE.

Look in the mirror every morning and say to yourself "YIPPEE!!" what do I want to do today???

Drop by the firehall with my new convertible and ask a good looking firefighter a "helpless woman" question just for the fun of it???

Here's a great word, they don't like me.....so? they don't invite me......so?.......they don't treat other members of my family better than me.......so?

So what? whatcha gonna do about it? ya can't change 'em.......so.......who cares what they think of you? maybe they have single digit IQs!! who cares??


You don't have new stuff bombarding you unless you CHOOSE TO PICK IT UP!  Drive over it with your new convertible!!  that's where it belongs, under your hot wheels.

"Today I will be as happy as a seagull with a french fry." Author Unknown


Keys, you're like a cold drink of water on a hot scorching day in the desert!  : )  I love to read your posts...

Miss Understood

Yes Keys! Hahahhahahaa!
I am going to live it up. Thinking about taking a drive right now, as a matter fact!
Thank you.