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Luise Again

Started by 2chickiebaby, December 11, 2009, 08:58:41 pm

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I hope you're doing well still....just thinking about you being interviewed by some big magazine or Oprah or something....this site is such a healing place.  Wouldn't that be the something? 

How you contributed to bringing people together so they could have someone to talk to.  And, maybe peace in the world.....Maybe the Nobel Prize or something and being introduced in Stockholm, giving a speech. Make it a good speech and mention our names, for Heaven sake.  Take us with you! 

I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess.  I can dream big.

Thank you again and much love :)


Hi, C/B: We are hanging in. Thank you for asking. 

I'm wheelchair-bound, as you know and am doing full-time caregiving from that place. We have someone who is totally wonderful coming in for about 1/2 an hour a day. I think I told you that, but I'm not sure. She comes around 5:00 PM with a hot meal from our assisted care dining room. She walks dog in the dark, feeds him and gives him his medicine...empties our trash and gets our mail. If we need anything else, we just have to ask. The other 23 plus hours of the day we cope. Val forgets what he was asked to do by the time he gets to the bedroom door, but he does the dishes, walks the dog in the daylight, makes my bed and is still a wonderful companion. Life is still good.

I get my stitches out Tuesday and a new cast. The three inch screws in my ankle stay...forever.

I love it that our forum is filling a nitch in some hearts and lives. That was our dream a year ago when it was just an idea. And I appreciate what you and everyone else contribute to the whole to make it an living entity. Thank you! :-)

Love to all,

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama


Dear Darling Luise,
I am sad that you will have those screws in forever. :'(  I wish it wasn't true.....I do know that you will rise above this and come out on the other side.  I know that.  You are strong and the faith we have will see to it!!

Keep that strength!  I'll say it again, "if I was near you, I'd be there to help".....I'm just sorry I'm not.

Keep in there for us, Luise.....know that you have started a site where people can come together with understanding.  How much better could that be?

Much love


Luise you're always in my prayers.  I hope you start feeling better soon.


Geeze, what an's comforting to see you remain so positive...good for you, I believe that helps the healing process...please feel better soon....and thank you for all your hard work and do diligence...



Luise I hope you're doing better.  How is your DH?  And your ankle? 


Luise, you have created something wonderful with this site.  It fills many different places in our hearts.  I hope you are back in the saddle soon, and feeling better!

I haven't had the opportunity to meet you yet, but can assure you I feel as though I already know your heart  and it's BIG!  I can't wait to laugh, cry and hear your wise words for us all!

Feel better.  You are in all our thoughts, hearts and prayers (I think I can speak for everyone when I say that!).


Just completing this thread by mentioning that I have reported in on other threads. I'm back!!  ;D ;D
Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama